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It has always been my dream to own a house of my choice. Since the time I began my career, I have always set aside some amount to fulfill my dream. But it never seemed enough. That was until one day I happened to hear about projects at Saptashree.

Although I was really skeptical, I received a lot of information from the investor’s corners. It was one place where I found that the client’s needs were being heard without no ulterior motive.

I fearlessly invested my money and also availed of the loan facilities provided and since that day I have never regretted at all.

I really am glad to know that my money is in safe hands and is going to give me great returns. Already I am a proud house owner at a young age and this is really a commendable feat for me and my family members.

Prashant V. Bari

The Tagline of Saptashree Builders and Developers is “Own Your Space” and yes, after investing in the upcoming venture, I am 100% sure that I am the master of my own space. A space created with a lot of efforts. The makers have painstakingly devised each floor and I truly believe that every brick laid is sure to give me great returns in the future. All said and done, in a city which is hard pressed for space, I am considered lucky to get such a marvelous home and that too at a surprisingly affordable price.

Saptashree has really earned a lot of respect from me and I am sure to recommend it to anyone who wishes to invest in real estate.

Raju A. Marathe

With my retirement nearing, I was really worried about where we would go. The place which was home to me belonged to my company and being a person who lives one day at a time, I had never felt the urge to plan for the future. This habit cost me dearly as the prices of realty rose autonomously.

I had all but given up the thought of owning a home given the pricing scenario. Having met numerous builders and developers, I was yet to find one who could satisfy me. But these things are now a part of history as ever since I visited the office of Saptashree, I was surprised by the ease and transparency which they showed towards their clients. This assured me of their credibility. Asking around only reinforced my initial impression of them and after due consultation with my family I finally ventured out, albeit quite skeptically. But today I can proudly say that if there is one place where I would love to spend the hay days of my life it would be at my own home at Saptashree.

Deepak B. Joshi

I remember that fateful day when I happened to meet the team of advisors at Saptashree. The first thing which appeals to me was the manner in which they handled all the queries posed to them. Without a single crease lining their brow, they patiently worked through all the options until they had reached common ground with their clients.

I on my part too invested in properties from Saptashree and have been told on countless occasions that I am really lucky to get the ideal home without hunting a lot. At Saptashree you can really be sure that you are getting the best worth of your money.

Thank you Saptashree for helping me get my dream home.

Suresh K. Patele

I was really exhausted in my house hunting venture and had almost given up hopes to find a property which I would be proud to make my dream home. it had seemed to be an impossible preposition and I was at my wits end until one day it was sheer destiny that made my paths cross with a sincere and competent staff from Saptashree.

Understanding my fear and hesitation, he was extremely patient with me and handled all my queries in an extremely professional manner. My mind was instantly at ease as my doubts were quelled. It was as if I was seeing a ray of light at last. The only bone of contention was the pricing, but I just could not believe it when I heard the numerous investment options which were being offered to me.

Saptashree really spoils the clients for choice and now I am happy and thankful to God who helped me to move into my dream home. A place where I get complete respite in the lap of luxury and a perfect ambience which most people crave for.

Rakesh D. Rao